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Terms of Use

Welcome to the Business Insurance Professionals website. In using this website, you are agreeing to the Terms of Use. Please read carefully and review all of the terms and conditions. Our website is providing general information for clients and prospective clients. Information contained in this website should not be relied upon as factual without checking with us first. Any advice given in this website is of a general nature. Please read our General Advice Warning.

Business Insurance Professionals may at any time change, vary, amend, alter or withdraw these Terms of Use.
Business Insurance Professionals are allowing you to use our website. In accessing our website you are accepting and agreeing to the Terms of Use. By accessing our website you accept and agree to these Terms of Use.

Consequently, you can:
(a) Browse and access information contained on the site.
(b) Download any documents we may provide.
(c) Contact us using the format provided.

In downloading material contained on the website, you may only use the download:
(a) To transact business with Business Insurance Professionals.
(b) For a temporary purpose (such as viewing offline).
(c) For your own records of business transacted with Business Insurance Professionals.

You agree not to use:
(a) Anything from our website for commercial purposes. You may not copy, transmit, distribute or modify any material on the website.
(b) Anything from the Business Insurance Professionals website for any illegal activity which in any way threatens, defames, menaces or offends any person.

You agree:
(a) You will not make any false statements requests or claims to Business Insurance Professionals.
(b) You will not with your knowledge, transmit any disruptive or disabling feature or virus to Business Insurance Professionals or this website.
(c) To allow Business Insurance Professionals to modify, publish, reproduce, adapt or transmit any information which you post on the website or transmit to Business Insurance Professionals, without restriction, subject to the
Business Insurance Professionals Privacy Statement.

(d) To indemnify Business Insurance Professionals against all liabilities, costs, claims, damages, losses and expenses that Business Insurance Professionals may incur to you or any other person as a result of your breach of these terms.

Business Insurance Professionals does not warrant that the material on this website is accurate, complete or timely. Business Insurance Professionals does not warrant that this website is without defect, virus or error. It is not warranted that the website does not contain any other harmful component.

You agree that Business Insurance Professionals are not responsible or liable for:
(a) Any error or omission relating to the material contained in this website.
(b) You acting or relying on the material on this website (refer to our General Advice Warning).
(c) Damage to any computer software, hardware or stored data arising out of your use of this website or any link that you may follow from this website.
(d) Any interruption, delay or failure to your access to this website.

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